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2014-05-07 21:05:44 by TacozRule

Have you ever looked back at your old profiles and wanted to kill yourself?

4Chan's down. :O

2008-07-22 16:48:51 by TacozRule

ONOZ. It's an akward site, but still fun none the less. :O

Did anyone else get the message saying the server can't be found, or is it just me?

4Chan's down. :O /155429

Please listen, comment, rate, and if you like it, download it. Please! If you don't, they'll kill me! <img> s/cc220/diezelpower/scared.gif</img>

YAY! My first submission!

2008-03-30 15:55:33 by TacozRule

I know no one's reading this... (-_-) But I just submitted my first audio submission to NG. I don't have much to type this time, but still check it out.

(Lol, watching Cops, and they busted a guy who's "Holding something in his pants." xD)

I'm back, baby!

2007-11-29 16:53:31 by TacozRule

I'm back from a while of no computer. (Fuckin Spyware) And (Better news) I finally got Flash! Expect to see some Flash's by me soon.

Now fo the bad news. I'm failing 5 classes at school. I can't concentrate because of all the crap going on at home. So, anyway, I just snuck on to say this, because I'm grounded... For a while... Gay...


I've been watching too much Anime. Found a really good site. Anime That

Other than my unpaid sponsership, just checking in to say "Hi"

It's not like anyone's reading this though. T_T

Hey hey hey!

2007-10-06 13:13:53 by TacozRule

Hey everyone! Glad you came to my profile! Feel free to enjoy my favorites. I am currently trying to find a way to get a flash maker that DOESN'T COST 800 FREAKING DOLLARS!

Any Ideas?

Thanks again, BTW!